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A nurse. A group of nepalese street children. Their day in the historical center of a ruthless Kathmandu. With them, amongst them. The wakening, the cold, the search for glue to sniff. The games. The laughs. The dramatic roles of the street. The night. The incredible life conditions. The charm and the freedom of recklessness. The everyday life of people who survives in an absent city, a modern medieval metropolis which ignores them.




Directors : Filippo Papini, Danilo Monte


Cinematographer : Danilo Monte


Editor: Danilo Monte


Produced by : Filippo Papini, Duccio's Film, Polivisioni

Interpreti : Sujatha Bohara, i bambini e le bambine di strada di Kathmandu. 

Cast: Sujatha Bohara, the streets children of Kathmandu


Genre : Documentary

Year : 2010

Runtime  : 49'

Country : Italia / Italy


Original language: Nepalese/Nepali

Subtitles: inglese/english

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